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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage therapy is most effective for the dissipation of lactic acid build up in sore muscles. A trained, competent therapist can also release and loosen the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle fiber, called the fascia. Fascia, the most abundant tissue in the body, has a tendency to bind up like glue. The reason this tissue binds up is in response to habitual movement that most people use that deviates from correct body mechanics. This “glue” in turn inhibits muscle movement and flexibility. A qualified massage therapist should be able to alleviate the tissue constriction and congestion; leaving the client feeling much more flexible and supple. With consecutive sessions, and education about how to retain correct structural body mechanics, the client should get permanent results, with equalized muscle lengths and minimal fascia congestion. This leaves the client pain free and flexible.

Many people feel they have to get a massage every week just so they can move and temporarily minimize pain. The pain never really goes away no matter how many massages they get. The reason for this is because most massage therapists are not educated enough to address these problems correctly; some don’t even know what fascia is! Many just get the minimal education that legally qualifies them to work–two hundred hours of scholastic massage education training. These therapists are probably qualified to give a feel good relaxing massage but they certainly cannot correctly address any structural, deep tissue issues. On the other hand, all of the therapists who work for Carmel-Massage have over 1,000 hours of scholastic training and are well qualified to address and help the client with any soft tissue problems they might have.

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