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Sports Massage

Sports massage is beneficial for athletes to alleviate muscle tension, stress, and lactic acid build-up in soft tissue. Remaining residue in soft tissue is usually caused from lack of proper stretching after exercise or repetitive motion. Without manual manipulation that flushes out this lactic acid the athlete is more susceptible to prolonged soreness and future minor injuries. Also, lesions and restrictive movement is more likely. Sports massage can reverse these set-backs. Also, it helps prevent future injuries and maintain the athlete for peak performance. Other benefits of sports massage are reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. Usually it increases circulation and lymph flow. This helps drain out the toxins to purge out soreness and pain.

Since every sport involves different sets of muscles, sports massage caters to individual specific needs.

For instance, Carmel and Monterey Co. is a haven for golfers. Consequently, Carmel Massage therapists end up massaging professional and amateur golfers. Typically, golfers come in with similar aches and pains. Why is this? It’s because golf is an asymmetrical sport. Just think… to play 18 holes the golfer has to swing in the same direction at least 65 times! Most golfers warm up by hitting more balls even before the game. This repetitive rotating and forceful torque on the upper body tends to cause an imbalance in muscles. Whenever one set of muscles are contracted the opposing muscles are over stretched. Many golfers backs hurt because the muscles from their lower back down to the knees are contracted. It’s the therapist’s job to identify and elongate the contracted muscles. Often times the muscles that hurt are not the contracted ones. Because we massage golfers foreshortened muscles, they often feel their muscular symmetry restored. For those who are interested, we show them helpful stretches to counter balance the effects of playing golf. Of course, the best way to play golf successfully is to keep the body limber and strong!

Marathon runners help maintain peak performance with sports massage. Obviously, they benefit from calf, leg and hip work. People come from all over the world to compete in the Big Sir Marathon. Carmel massage helps them maintain their edge. These are just a few examples of how sports massage can help people in athletics. You don’t even need to be athletic. Maybe you’re just sore from pulling weeds in the garden, riding a bike, horseback riding, or surfing. Whatever your activity may be a sports massage is recommended.

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