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Types of Massages We Offer

Why not enrich your vacation with a couples massage?

Often people celebrate special occasions with couples massage; anniversary’s, birthdays, weddings, or for any other personal landmark.  Couples massage is a wonderful way to relax together either before or after a day of activities. Typically, couples massage is given by two massage therapists on two different tables simultaneously. Often, people choose to have two different types of massage; or they can get the same kind of massage. Couples massage can extend from hour, 90 minutes or even two hours! We have a beautiful serene studio with a stunning view; it’s hard not to want a couples massage here!

Hot stone massage is derived from ancient Rome from over five thousand years ago. It’s used as a technique to promote deep-tissue healing and relaxation. Warm, basalt stones that contain special healing powers, are placed on the body. Their warmth loosens stiff muscles and increases circulation and in turn expedites healing. The massage therapist places the warm stones on the client’s chakra pathways. It is especially enjoyable to receive a hot stone massage, because the massage therapist use these stones in their hands throughout the massage. Esalen in Big Sur promotes this type of massage and so does Carmel-Monterey massage.

The lineage of Thai-Massage dates back thousands of years from India and China. Buddhist monks practiced this form of healing and eventually brought it to Thailand. Today, in Bangkok at the Wat Poe museum, murals depict the Buddha, 2500 years ago, receiving a Thai- Massage from his friend and physician.

Traditionally, Thai-massage is done on a floor mat and the client remains clothed. However, Carmel Massage therapists have adapted Thai-Massage to the massage table and use massage lotion. Our clients remain partially clothed.

People who receive Thai-Massage frequently describe it as, “yoga done for you.” Carmel Massage therapists use rhythmic rocking combined with stretching and gentle compression on the joints, ligaments and muscles. After receiving Thai-Massage, our clients say they feel more flexible and energized.

Sports massage is beneficial for athletes to alleviate muscle tension, stress, and lactic acid build-up in soft tissue. Remaining residue in soft tissue is usually caused from lack of proper stretching after exercise or repetitive motion. Without manual manipulation that flushes out this lactic acid the athlete is more susceptible to prolonged soreness and future minor injuries. Also, lesions and restrictive movement is more likely. Sports massage can reverse these set-backs. Also, it helps prevent future injuries and maintain the athlete for peak performance. Other benefits of sports massage are reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. Usually it increases circulation and lymph flow. This helps drain out the toxins to purge out soreness and pain.

Since every sport involves different sets of muscles, sports massage caters to individual specific needs.

For instance, Carmel and Monterey Co. is a haven for golfers. Consequently, Carmel Massage therapists end up massaging professional and amateur golfers. Typically, golfers come in with similar aches and pains. Why is this? It’s because golf is an asymmetrical sport. Just think… to play 18 holes the golfer has to swing in the same direction at least 65 times! Most golfers warm up by hitting more balls even before the game. This repetitive rotating and forceful torque on the upper body tends to cause an imbalance in muscles. Whenever one set of muscles are contracted the opposing muscles are over stretched. Many golfers backs hurt because the muscles from their lower back down to the knees are contracted. It’s the therapist’s job to identify and elongate the contracted muscles. Often times the muscles that hurt are not the contracted ones. Because we massage golfers foreshortened muscles, they often feel their muscular symmetry restored. For those who are interested, we show them helpful stretches to counter balance the effects of playing golf. Of course, the best way to play golf successfully is to keep the body limber and strong!

Marathon runners help maintain peak performance with sports massage. Obviously, they benefit from calf, leg and hip work. People come from all over the world to compete in the Big Sir Marathon. Carmel massage helps them maintain their edge. These are just a few examples of how sports massage can help people in athletics. You don’t even need to be athletic. Maybe you’re just sore from pulling weeds in the garden, riding a bike, horseback riding, or surfing. Whatever your activity may be a sports massage is recommended.

This massage therapy is most effective for the dissipation of lactic acid build up in sore muscles. A trained, competent therapist can also release and loosen the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle fiber, called the fascia. Fascia, the most abundant tissue in the body, has a tendency to bind up like glue. The reason this tissue binds up is in response to habitual movement that most people use that deviates from correct body mechanics. This “glue” in turn inhibits muscle movement and flexibility. A qualified massage therapist should be able to alleviate the tissue constriction and congestion; leaving the client feeling much more flexible and supple. With consecutive sessions, and education about how to retain correct structural body mechanics, the client should get permanent results, with equalized muscle lengths and minimal fascia congestion. This leaves the client pain free and flexible.

Many people feel they have to get a massage every week just so they can move and temporarily minimize pain. The pain never really goes away no matter how many massages they get. The reason for this is because most massage therapists are not educated enough to address these problems correctly; some don’t even know what fascia is! Many just get the minimal education that legally qualifies them to work–two hundred hours of scholastic massage education training. These therapists are probably qualified to give a feel good relaxing massage but they certainly cannot correctly address any structural, deep tissue issues. On the other hand, all of the therapists who work for Carmel-Massage have over 1,000 hours of scholastic training and are well qualified to address and help the client with any soft tissue problems they might have.

This method of massage is used to evaluate structural imbalances, correct them and leave the client pain free. Soft tissue pain can be caused by a number of problems; lack of blood to that tissue, low neurological activity [which can cause referred pain to other parts of the body], postural distortion and bio mechanical imbalance, which in turn leads to faulty movement patterns.

Neuromuscular therapy is a type of massage used to rehabilitate these soft tissues and thus restore an optimal functioning body. The practitioner does this to eliminate spasms and hyper contraction in the tissue. The therapist works on the client by use of palpitation while asking the client whether they feel referred sensations. This interactive approach is not only extremely effective. Also, the client may participate in his/her own healing experience.

Carmel Massage has an experienced midwife who is certified in pregnancy massage. She understands changes in the expectant mother’s with each trimester. She uses a special massage table that is designed to comfortably accommodate pregnant bodies.

Massage offers many physical and psychological benefits to both mother-to-be and baby. Physically, massage can increase flexibility in muscles used for delivery. it can reduce swelling in limbs by decreasing water retention and increasing circulation. Massage also loosens tight muscles and joints. Expectant mothers who receive massage are known to sleep better. Physiologically massage creates a feeling of well being in mother and baby.

Originally, Ida Rolf invented a type of bodywork called Structural Integration. Recently, the name Structural Integration has been replaced with Rolfing. Both Structural Integration and Rolfing incorporate the same premise. These modalities look at the body through basic laws of physics. Ida Rolf created this deep muscle and soft tissue technique to address postural distortions, and chronic stress. Integrative practitioners restore muscle balance and enhance correct posture.

Carmel massage have licensed therapists who rejuvenate your body by using this method.

Reflexology dates back 5000 years. It was first discovered and used by Egypt, Japan, and China. Today, the Chinese have extended reflexology to become acupuncture.

What is this technique? It is a noninvasive way to improve muscles, organs, and glands within the human body. In reflexology, the foot and hands represent a microcosm of the whole body. For instance, to alleviate a headache, a reflexologist would use pressure points in the big toe.

Reflexology works because both feet and hands have a myriad of nerve endings. These nerve endings are closer to the skin’s surface than other body parts. Furthermore, approximately one fourth the body’s bones are located in the foot! Thus, these nerve endings and bones can be easily manipulated.

Carmel massage therapists are adept reflexologists. After a treatment our clients often feel relaxed, alert and revitalized Also, no change of clothes!

Aromatherapy can literally be translated into “smell therapy”. This method dates back thousands of years, as portrayed in cave paintings in Lascaux France. The essential oils used are all natural and are immediately absorbed through the skin. Massaging with essential oils enhances the whole experience not only because of the pleasant fragrance but also because of the specific, unique healing agents they contain. The reason why we as humans respond so well to aromatherapy is because our olfactory nerves register the sense of smell to the oldest part of our brains, the limbic system, which in turn controls our emotional, visceral and muscular responses. Typically, aromas are applied to the body by using the long relaxing strokes of Swedish massage. These strokes allow the best penetration and circulation into the body. People get aromatherapy to help eliminate many aches and pains such as headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia, bronchitis and neck strain.