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Carmel Massage

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Carmel Massage: Carmel Massage is located in a serene setting in the Carmel Monterey area. A massage can be just what your body needs. 

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(Listed Prices are for massage only.)

VIP Luxurious Massage
Pick any two types of massage for your indulgent 90 minute massage.
1.5 hours $215.00

Couples Massage
Why not enrich your vacation with a Couples Massage?
1 hour $145.00 per person
1.5 hours $195.00 per person

Hot Stones Massage
The massage therapist will use warm, flat, basalt stones to relax all your tensions away. It’s deeply relaxing and lasts for 90 minutes.
1.5 hour $235.00

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage helps to release tight muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve posture. Deep tissue massage can help the sedative computer person, the overworked carpenter and jet-lagged traveler.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

Sports Massage
Sports massage is wonderful to receive before or after any athletic activity. Carmel Massage therapists regularly work on golfers, bikers, runners, weight lifters, and many other active individuals.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

Relaxing Swedish Massage
Gentle touch Swedish massage helps to relieve stress. If you work hard and feel overwhelmed and need to take a mini-vacation but don’t like deep work this is the massage for you!
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

Thai-Stretching Assisted Massage
People love receiving Thai-stretching massage because it’s like someone else assisting you in yoga plus massaging you simultaneously. Thai massage helps to increase range of motion and increased mobility of joints. We recommend a 90 minute massage to fully appreciate the benefits of this flexibility massage.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

Neuromuscular Massage
This method of massage is used to evaluate structural imbalances, correct them and leave the client pain free.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

Structural Integration
Originally, Ida Rolf invented a type of bodywork called Structural Integration. Recently, the name Structural integration has been replaced with Rolfing.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00


Reflexology dates back 5000 years. It was first discovered and used by Egypt, Japan, and China. Today, the Chinese have extended reflexology to become acupuncture.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.00

The essential oils used are all natural and are immediately absorbed through the skin. Massaging with essential oils enhances the whole experience not only because of the pleasant fragrance but also because of the specific, unique healing agents they contain.
1 hour $145.00
1.5 hours $195.0